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Chicago Wedding Venues, Different Couples, Different Ways: Cafe Brauer
February 6, 2013

Liven It Up Events is featuring a new blog series called “Different Venues, Different Ways!” Every Wednesday, we are going to show different ways a venue can capture the style and vision for your wedding. Any space can be transformed into something new and different!

Today we are looking at one of our favorite locations, Cafe Brauer, located in Lincoln Park! Take a look below at some of the different ways we have crafted the space to create each couple’s vision.

Catering by Entertaining Company, Floral by Kloeckner’s Floral, Wedding Cake by Tipsy Cake, Officiated by Reverend Marian Hale, Hair and Makeup by Appease

Catering by Entertaining Company, Floral and Decor by Scarlet Petal,  DJ by Toast and Jam, Officiated by Reverend Becca, Hair and Make Up by Sonia Roselli

Catering by Limelight, Floral and Design by Event Creative, Wedding Cake by Amy Beck Cake Design, Videography by Fig Media, Band by Maggie Speaks

Catering by Entertaining Company, Floral and Decor by Kloeckner’s,  Hair and Makeup by Chicago Bridal Beauty, Band by Bradley Young Orchestra, Wedding Cake by Amy Beck Cake Design

Catering by Entertaining Company, Floral and Decor by Kloeckner’s Floral, Wedding Cake by Amy Beck Cake Designs, Band by Maggie Speaks

Wedding Recap @ A New Leaf
October 4, 2012

One of my favorite wedding venues in Chicago is A New Leaf.  Those longing for a wedding there in 2013, keep watching.  We have our fingers crossed they they will start booking soon!

This wedding just happened to be one that we did there this year.  It was so great to work with Briana there, along with Rachel from J and L Catering, reception music by Toast & Jam Deejays and ceremony music by Dolce Strings.  There were some many family friends that also became involved with the wedding as the bride’s family acted as make-up and hair artists and uncle officiated the wedding!  It was really a great day and the snap shots I got were pretty AMAZING!  Take a look and how fabulous the wedding was!

The Chuppah for this wedding was STUNNING!

We used the Storefront for the dinner as well as the mezzanine!

The garden was a perfect place for cocktails!

This was the centerpiece for the buffet & bar.  Pretty amazing!

Just A Thought: The Four Mothers
September 12, 2012

It’s not best photograph that I have ever take, I will admit that.  But, when I saw this unfold, I could not resist taking this photo.  At this wedding, both the bride’s parents and the groom’s parents were divorced and remarried.  That can easily lead to disaster, feelings hurt, or some super drama at the wedding.  Well, in this case, it was nothing like that.

What you see above are “The Four Mothers” as I had the privilege of getting to know.  This was the bride’s mother & step-mother, and the groom’s mother & step-mother.  Something unique about them too is both of the biological mothers have the same first name and both of the step-mothers have the same first name.  Kinda cool! 

Well, this photo shows all “Four Mothers” getting up, and giving the welcome and first toast to the bride and groom.  This touched me so much, I had tears in my eyes when it happened.  This couple is lucky to have some amazing moms.  

Pick up the phone and give your mother a call today…. just a thought!

Receptions of All Sorts, Part 1 Lofts
July 31, 2012

Receptions of All Sorts is a follow up series to Ceremonies of All Sorts!  I figured looking at some of the ceremonies we have done, it would be fun to see the reception come to life as well!

In this first series we will look at the loft weddings that we have done and transformed the ceremony space into the reception space.  Sound difficult?  Not at all!  We do it almost every weekend!

Take a look at how we make magic happen!

Here we see a beautiful wedding reception at Loft on Lake that earlier, the same space was set for a ceremony.  We flipped the room quickly and look at what happened! 

The next two photos are from our wedding at the MCA Warehouse in the west loop!  It used to be a pie factory where my grandmother used to buy pies at when she was a teenager!  Fun fact!  You can see we had some warm lighting by Art of Imagination and fun florals by Cattleya Designs.  You can see the large head table with the city as it’s backdrop!

Finally, here is a look at this fab wedding we had at Salvage One.  Sara helped us create a fun layout with all their tables and Alison from Stems made the room glow with her beautiful floral arrangements!

Watch for Part 2, Receptions of All Sorts, Garden Weddings!  See you Thursday!

Ceremonies of All Sorts (Tradtional Weddings Part 3)
July 10, 2012

This installment of the look at Ceremonies of All Sorts focuses on Traditional Ceremonies.  You will see two shots below.  One was a Catholic Wedding that was taken in a church and another was a Jewish wedding taken at a synagogue.  Take a look!

Here you are going to see a wedding snap shot at KAM Isaiah Israel (across the street from President Obama’s home) in Hyde Park.  The Chuppah was provided by Event Creative.
Here you will see a Catholic wedding taking place at a Notre Dame Cathedral.  The floral down the aisle was provided by Fragrant Design & that is photographer, Angie Garbot in the aisle doing her job!

The final installment of Ceremonies of all Sorts will be published on Thursday, July 12th!  Watch out for it!

Ceremonies of All Sorts (Garden Weddings Part 2)
June 28, 2012

This next group of photos you are going to see are from ceremonies that have taken place outdoors.  I am always cautious of weddings outdoors in Chicago.  The heat, the rain, the snow (you never know!), can be the cause of ceremonies not happening outside.  Having a back up plan is a must and most times, it all turns out ok!  Take  a look at some of these great ceremonies I caught on my iPhone while they were happening!

This wedding took place at the Chicago Botanic Gardens.  There is a lily pond in front of the bride and groom and the guests are seated in the round.  There was no need for any additional floral to the garden, accept for the bouquets and boutonnieres by Event Creative.

Here we are at The Ivy Room.  In the heart of the big city, there lies a magical garden, surrounded by buildings and all you hear is a whisper of automobile traffic.  Again, in this garden, no floral was necessary except for the bouquets by Davenport Designs.

The final look is at The Lincoln Park Conservatory, where again, no floral was needed as the garden served perfectly as the back drop. The bride and bridesmaids carried bouquets and the groom and groomsmen had boutonnieres designed by Stems.

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