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Wedding Planning Tips and Tricks from Anthony Navarro @ Liven It Up Events
April 29, 2014

One of series of video’s that Anthony Navarro, Founder and Senior Planner of Liven It Up Events put together was a Q&A series where people Tweeted or messaged through Facebook, questions on planning a wedding and becoming a wedding planner!   Continue reading

Is It Time for You to Plan a Career Change? If You Are Considering a Career in Wedding Planning, ‘The Business of Being a Wedding Planner’ Is the Just Launched Guide You Need
April 15, 2014

Chicago, IL April 15th, 2014: Many people today are nervous about how secure their jobs are or they are looking for work. There’s another option, and that is self-employment. For better or worse, in good times and bad times, people keep getting married, and if you have strong organizational skills and the ability to focus on details and keep to a schedule, you might have what it takes to launch a career as an independent wedding planner. Continue reading

The Business of Being A Wedding Planner, By Anthony V. Navarro

After a year of working on this, Anthony Navarro, Founder of Liven It Up Events is excited to release his second book, The Business of Being A Wedding Planner:  How to Build a Lucrative Wedding Planning Business By Designing The Most Incredible Weddings for Your Clients.  The book is written to guide those who want to become wedding planners or enhance their own wedding planning business! Continue reading

Wedding Planning Tip: How to Ask Someone to be in Your Wedding Party
April 9, 2014

You asked, and here we are giving you our wedding planning tips from the team at Liven It Up Events!  Not sure how to ask someone to be in your wedding party?  Here’s what Founder and Senior Planner, Anthony Navarro, of Liven It Up  Events has to say!   Continue reading

All This Talk About Gay Weddings
April 3, 2014

From Anthony Navarro

Lately, I have been noticing so much chatter about gay weddings, gay weddings, gay weddings and it got me thinking. What is the difference between a gay wedding and a wedding? After giving this some thought, here is what I came up with! Continue reading

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