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Fun Bachelorette Party Planning Ideas!
June 26, 2013

Before you enter the beautiful, blissful world of marriage (most of it is, trust me) a proper bachelorette party must be observed. Of course it would be great if Martha Stewart can throw you one, but you can definitely trust your girlfriends to give you the best party ever. You already have your macarons from Laduree and cute sandwiches and pastries for your dainty English tea party-themed bachelorette party, but have you ever thought about the games? If you’re stumped about it, here are some great game ideas that can make your party a success. Continue reading

Industry Insiders Dish on Family Style (via One World Portfolio)
June 19, 2013

We were excited to have Anthony featured on Wendy Pashman, owner and chief creator at Entertaining Company’s feature on “Industry Insiders Dish on Family Style” post. Wendy posed two questions to the “Insiders” in regards to family style dining. Continue reading

Should You Do a First Look at Your Wedding?
June 11, 2013

First Look

First Look Captured by Liven It Up Events

Today, the Liven It Up Events’ planners are discussing to “First Look” or not to “First Look”.  That is the question!  Those who don’t know what a “First Look” is, it is a term coined by not really sure who, where a couple getting married, will see one another before the actual ceremony.  It used to be tradition where a couple would see each other at the ceremony for the first time, but for a number of reasons, this new tradition has come into the light.  See what Misha & Jackie have to say about a “First Look”! Continue reading

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