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7 Secrets to Making Your Wedding Photography a Memorable Success
April 29, 2013

It is often said to so many couples getting married. After the wedding is over, all that will be left for you to have of the wedding, besides the memory that you will have and that small frozen wedding cake in the freezer, there is not much left of the wedding except your photographs.  Wedding photographs are one of the most important and key components that you will have after your wedding.  Continue reading

7 Secrets to SuccessfullyWorking with Your Wedding Band!
April 23, 2013
Today, we are looking at tips on how to work with your wedding band!  Now, instead of the team at Liven It Up just giving our opinions, we thought it would be great to have the expert in his field, David Rothstein with David Rothstein Music weighs in on what it takes to make your experience with working with a wedding band a success!

7 Tips on Keeping Your Wedding Flower Budget in Check!
April 16, 2013

One of the areas that we think is driving up wedding budgets these days is in the floral and decor department!  Now, don’t get us wrong, we love Pinterest and all of the online sources that display wonderful ideas for weddings, but sometimes, it can get overwhelming and the simple looking arrangements and ideas can cost more than you would think!  Here are our secrets on how to keep your wedding flower budget in check! Continue reading

7 Tips of Planning a Successful Wedding in a Chicago Venue
April 9, 2013

It seems to be more and more common, that planning a wedding, a wedding in a Chicago venue specifically, can be challenging.  Not looking for a ballroom feel, something modern, unique, different has been all of the rage for years.  Hosting a wedding in a photography studio, flower shop, loft, warehouse, museum, or privately owned space really is what Liven It Up Events is all about!  Here are our 7 Tips of Planning a Success Wedding in a Chicago Venue.  Continue reading

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