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Ceremonies of All Sorts (Garden Weddings Part 2)
June 28, 2012

This next group of photos you are going to see are from ceremonies that have taken place outdoors.  I am always cautious of weddings outdoors in Chicago.  The heat, the rain, the snow (you never know!), can be the cause of ceremonies not happening outside.  Having a back up plan is a must and most times, it all turns out ok!  Take  a look at some of these great ceremonies I caught on my iPhone while they were happening!

This wedding took place at the Chicago Botanic Gardens.  There is a lily pond in front of the bride and groom and the guests are seated in the round.  There was no need for any additional floral to the garden, accept for the bouquets and boutonnieres by Event Creative.

Here we are at The Ivy Room.  In the heart of the big city, there lies a magical garden, surrounded by buildings and all you hear is a whisper of automobile traffic.  Again, in this garden, no floral was necessary except for the bouquets by Davenport Designs.

The final look is at The Lincoln Park Conservatory, where again, no floral was needed as the garden served perfectly as the back drop. The bride and bridesmaids carried bouquets and the groom and groomsmen had boutonnieres designed by Stems.

Ceremonies of All Sorts (Loft Weddings, Part 1)
June 26, 2012

One of my favorite things to do after sending the bride down the aisle is to watch the ceremony.  Now I do not always get to do that, but when I have the chance too, I just love watching!   

Over the next couple of weeks, I am going to share with you some photos of four different types of ceremonies that we have done.  Keep in mind, these are all from my iPhone (so I understand if the quality is not the best!) and from my point of view!  I have sorted them into the themes, lofty, modern, garden, and traditional.

Today, I thought we would start with the Lofty Wedding Ceremonies!  Take a look and get some ideas for your ow lofty wedding!

This wedding happened this year, at Loft on Lake.    The couple and I had a great time planning.  They wanted to keep it simple, yet elegant and with the fabric draping by Art of Imagination we were able to make that happen!

This wedding took place at the MCA Warehouse.  This space is raw (and I LOVE IT!!). It’s a warehouse in the West Loop where the MCA stores art.  The second floor can be rented for events and this is what we did here.  We added in the entrance drape, the fabric aisle runner, fabric Chuppah and fabric backdrop.  Thanks again to Art of Imagination. 

This wedding was really amazing and love the space at Salvage One.  Stems lined the aisle with florals and candles and the natural beauty of the space.  Sara, at Salvage One made sure there were extra chandeliers hanging and a beautiful stone alter stone at the front!  It was spectacular!     

Thursday I will be looking at some Garden Weddings we have produced this season!  Stay tuned!

The Wedding Sessions, The First Run!
June 21, 2012

Well that was an exciting couple of weeks listening to Wendy & I talk a little about some thoughts on wedding planning!  Just in case you missed any of the episodes here are them all for you to see!

The Wedding Sessions, Why A Planner?
June 19, 2012

In this final round of webisodes, Wendy & I talk about the importance of what a planner brings to the table!  Take a look and hear us explain what planners really do!

The Wedding Sessions, Why A Tasting
June 14, 2012

In this webisode, you again here my buddy, Wendy Pashman, Founder and Creative Mind at Entertaining Company, talk about the purpose of a tasting.  Wendy sure brings up some points that you should be paying attention to when you think about scheduling a tasting with a caterer!  Take a look at what she has to say!

The Wedding Sessions, Variety & Options with Menu Planning
June 12, 2012

Take a look at the webisode of the Wedding Sessions with Wendy Pashman from Entertaining Company explaining to me, Anthony from Liven It Up Events some of her creative ways to serve a large group of people and making it fun and exciting, yet interesting and creative!

Blooper Alert:  Wendy kept looking at the camera after we were finished taping and she was not supposed to!  Watch how I crack up when she does that at the end of the webisode!

The Wedding Sessions, Plated vs Buffets
June 7, 2012

This episode of The Wedding Sessions, you see Wendy Pashman, owner of Entertaining Company talk with me (Anthony with Liven It Up Events!) about the difference of a plated, seated dinner and a buffet style dinner.  Take a look and watch Wendy explain the difference and the conundrum that is associated with buffets!

The Wedding Sessions, Wedding Venue Options in Chicago
June 5, 2012

You might be asking, what are The Wedding Sessions?  This is something that sort of came up out of no where, more or less a conversation that was had over twitter between myself and Wendy Pashman, Founder of Entertaining Company.    I have been answering questions from couples about planning their wedding and Wendy was asking questions and giving her input as an expert as well!  I said “Wendy, why don’t we make some videos answering common questions that couples have!?”  And she responded with something like “SURE!”

This first video takes you through the venue selection process!  Take a look at what we had to say!  And watch for more updates to The Wedding Sessions this week!

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