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Just Engaged & Beginning to Plan Your Wedding. Here Are The First Steps in Planning!
March 29, 2012

Thanks again for watching! For the new viewers, I am Anthony Navarro, Founder and Senior Planner at Liven It Up Events! The goal of the blog is to answer your questions in planning your wedding!

Are you just engaged? I am sure that you are super excited!! This video clip gives you the first two steps that you should take before you start the process of planning your wedding. Watch the clip and learn what you should do before anything else!!

Feel free to ask questions on our Liven It Up Events Facebook Fan Page or on Liven It Up Events Twitter Page or in the comment section below! I want to hear from you and answer the questions you have in planning your wedding!

Don’t forget to visit our website at for more information!!

Thanks for watching and see you next time!

March 26, 2012

Welcome back to the new Liven It Up Events Blog! More like a VLOG now! This is something I have been working on for the past 6 months and looking forward to really making this a fun project for me!!!

Here’s how it is going to work…

Viewers are going to be able to ask Anthony & the Liven It Up Events team a questions by emailing on Facebook (
Tweeting a question to

Once a week I am going to answer a question that someone has on something that is troubling them in planning their wedding.

Either Facebook, Tweet, or Comment on the Blog to ask your questions today! This is so exciting for me as this is something that I truly LOVE to do!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!!!

Anthony Navarro
Founder, Liven It Up Events

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